Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Sculpture Scrum

Those of you who follow Sally's blog will have seen her beautiful early morning photos of Sculpture by the Sea. The day I visited everyone else had the same idea and it was so crowded as to be uncomfortable. If you look carefully you'll see the walking track is packed with people as far as the eye can see. The wooden sculpture to the right of shot is:

Louisa Dawson
Social Climbing
materials: wood
dimensions: 375cmx180cmx100cm
artist statement: The tower of tables, joined with a staircase, explores the social functions of the dinner table, suggesting moving up the dinner table or escaping out the bottom.

The brightly coloured bottles turned out not to be a sculpture at all but a promotion for Liptons iced tea.

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Sally said...

Love your heading "SCulpture Scrum".....always ready with a witty headline, ann!