Sunday, 10 May 2009

Now We Are One

I didn't think we'd last the distance, my blog and I, but today we celebrate our 1st birthday. Sydney Meanderings didn't become an official City Daily Photo Blog for another ten days but 10 May is the day I first started to seriously post about Sydney. Thank you everyone who has meandered around my city with me, I hope you have enjoyed the trip and that it has whet your appetite to see more for yourself. Special thanks to Sally, whose Sydney Daily Photo inspired me to photo blog, and Julie who was my very first commenter and has encouraged me and led my photography in directions I never expected. Thank you, all of you too numerous to mention individually, for your encouragement and friendship. I have learnt so much this past year.


Julie said...

Hah! Well I never ... what an absolutely inspired view of the old girl!!

Well done, Ann. It is an achievement to get to this first milestone. May there be many more as you go from strength to strength, my friend.

this too will pass said...

super picture

Sakiwi said...

Spectacular photo!

Congratulations on you first birthday!

Sarah Lulu said...

Sydney is my hometown ...I don't live there now and I SO appreciate your blog.

Daily Chicago Photo said...

Happy First Birthday. What a unique and wonderful photo to celebrate.

Dina said...

A very happy birthday to wonderful Sydney Meanderings and her creator.
We join you in raising a glass and say "Lechayim!" -- to the life of Ann and of the blog and of Sydney.
I was lucky to have the extra bonus of actually seeing Ann the Photographer in action and having a day of meandering with you. Thank you, new friend.

What's in that glass? Even the bridge got high from it! :)
Great photo idea.
Have fun in the second year, and keep learning and teaching.

J Bar said...

Congratulations Ann. All the best. What a great way to celebrate the day. Cheers.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Eric said...

Bravo, congratulations. Bon bloginversaire Ann!
I enjoy this photo much more, now that I know for real where it was taken!

Glad to have you on board the CDP community.


Jilly said...

Love the photo. The bridge looks even more beautiful, if that's possible, through a glass of wine. Happy First Birthday and here's to the second, Ann.

French Sydneysider said...

Happy 1st birthday! Hope there'll be more to come :)

That shot is... WOW!!

Greyscale Territory said...

This is such a fascinating photo! Almost like a magical illusion!