Thursday, 27 August 2009


I had no idea there was a swamp in Centennial Park. Its the remnants of the original swamp that once covered the area. I also had no idea how beautiful this end of the park is with its ponds and paperbark groves. I've only ever been to the upper part of the Park before. Its a huge place and well worth visiting if you are in Sydney and want to see something a little different to the main tourist sights.


Julie said...

Yes, I agree. It is totally gorgeous. They do a tour of the original Busby's Bore that I want to go on as well. They show you where the pipeline starts in CP and where it still drips out in Hyde Park.

Must check out the details ...

Dina said...

I'd love to go on that tour Julie mentions.
So CP was a swamp?? Nice swampy picture.
My kids and grandsons spend half of their life in that Park. It really is fun.