Friday, 11 June 2010

Looking at Light (8) - Vivid - Lighting the Sails

Handheld because I got fed up with mucking about with the tripod in the rain, not too bad but not as sharp as they should be.
Vivid Sydney once again features the spectacular illumination of the Sydney Opera House sails.
In 2009 over 200,000 Sydneysiders and visitors enjoyed Brian Eno’s ‘Lighting the Sails’, and images of Eno’s sails were seen by more than 60 million people worldwide. This year Vivid LIVE co-curator Laurie Anderson will put her own mark on Utzon’s iconic sails.


Julie said...

I will check this out tonight along with F&W. I also want to see the Garden Palace gates on the way home. I am a bit dubious about the Bollywood angle and the stuff I have read thus far in the SMH this morning.

J Bar said...

It certainly is different this year.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Peter said...

Looks good to me , different angle

diane said...

I would love to see that.