Monday, 4 October 2010

Broken Hill and Lake Eyre Trip Report and Albums

I've finally got my Broken Hill and Lake Eyre photos organised and on line. Please pop over to my Travel Blog and have a look. As usual, follow the links to slideshows and albums if you wish.


Bruce Caspersonn said...

Wacko! That was great, thanks for sharing with us.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Great to see your shots. We covered some of the same territory and other times not. Your photos are a class above mine so very lovely to view.

Your chilly accommodation made me very happy with our snug little van. You also saw sunrise, I was still buried under the doona at that time of day and rarely saw sunset either, having retreated into our cosy nook for the night.

We had originally planned to go to William Creek but were worried about the state of the roads when towing a van and getting marooned by the wet weather. Your pictures assure me that we made the right choice.