Sunday, 28 November 2010

Sydney Open - Sydney Theatre/Monochrome Weekend

For more monochrome madness, visit Dragonstar's Weekend in Black and White.  

Walsh Bay’s 850-seat Sydney Theatre, opened in 2004, is a handsome building with a vast archway on to Hickson Road. The rear of the building is cleverly integrated with the lower levels of the heritage-listed Bond 3 warehouse, part of which is used for rehearsals and other ‘back-of-house’ purposes. The original walls of Bond 3 retain the patina of age, and much of the original machinery remains, including hoists and trusses. The auditorium, foyers and fly tower occupy the space created by the demolition of a 1950s warehouse. Patrons pass through a sequence of spaces, each of a distinct character, before arriving at their seats. Progression through the multi-level foyers and sound-locks into the auditorium is a carefully composed experience. The contemporary design of the new building harmonises with the industrial nature of the surrounding precinct and its heritage buildings.

Some time back I showed you the foyer area of Sydney Theatre. These shots are of the rehearsal and scenery storage, workshop areas which feature original marchinery and stunning sandstone.


Julie said...

You DID stick to that narrow little area didn't you. Next weekend (Dec 5) The Wharf Arts Precinct will be having an Open Day. I am going down there for a wander. Which reminds me, I must register for some of the talks. There is a good one at the end of the day where all the artistic directors of the various companies sit on a panel discussing where to now for the art in Sydney. Be nice to be a fly on the wall.

J Bar said...

This is great too. I'll have to do this next year.

Dragonstar said...

Fascinating, and rather unusual to find such harmony between old and new.

Dina said...

Do I see a ghost in the bottom picture??

Kim said...

I have just been introduced to your blog site and being interested in histoy love the photos that you post in this area. I was a guide at the STC for Sydney Open this weekend but didn't have time to take photos so I am enjoying these immensly.
Cheers Kim