Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Sign of the times

That's right. Our last local bank recently closed due to "safety and security issues for customers and staff". Those of us who work in town, bank in town, but local pensioners who relied on this branch now have to travel at least two suburbs away to do their banking. Wonderful, isn't it.

Update: This morning (Tuesday) there was a new sign on the door - "Pension Thursday, shuttle bus to Rockdale."


PerthDailyPhoto said...

Wonder what the 'safety and security issues' were Anne? Thank goodness they're providing a bus for pensioners, it actually might turn out to be a 'bit of a day out' for them.

Ann said...

Bag snatchings mostly I think. I remember mum telling me years back about one of her friends being dragged along the footpath as someone grabbed her bag. They target the elderly and vulnerable of course. Don't know what the incidents affecting staff were, unless they were held up.