Monday, 17 October 2011

Art and About - Acts of Kindness

For the 24th Kaldor Public Art Project in partnership with Art & About, Michael Landy has created a major new work Acts of Kindness, for Sydney.

Acts of Kindness investigates the meaning of kindness in today’s fast-paced world, focusing on the simple everyday gestures of compassion and generosity that occur throughout the city streets and often go unnoticed. Stories of kindness have been collected from people across Sydney to form the basis for Landy’s ambitious new artwork. Visit lower Martin Placeto see Landy’s 13-metre installation, mapping the Sydney CBD and indicating where the 200 stories of kindness have been placed throughout the city streets.


Dina said...

This whole thing is so moving.

J Bar said...

That certainly is a big artwork, spread all over the city.

Dianne said...

How nice to see that - Acts of kindness - still happen to everday people by everyday people! It would be very inspiring to read these stories.