Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Chinese Gardens

Tucked into a corner of Darling Harbour, just near the expressway, is a little patch of China. Once you enter you are in a different world. Quiet, peaceful and very beautiful. The city highrise is just over the wall but you could be miles away.

Initiated by the local Chinese community to celebrate Australia's 198 Bicentenary, the Chinese Garden is the result of a close friendship and cooperation between the sist3er cities of Sydney and Guangzhou in Guangdon Province, China.

The Garden was designed and built by Chinese landscape architects and gardeners, and is governed by the Taoist principles of "Yin-Yang" and the five opposite elements - earth, fire, water, metal and wood. Thes principles also stress the importance of qi, the central force of life and energy.

Yin-Yang plays such a vital role that just one missing element would disrupt the garden's harmony and balance. However when combined perfectly, the five elements form a fluid and nurturing environment.

Everything you see in the Chinese Garden has been hand picked and meticulously placed to capture the five elements and the energy of qi.


Jo said...

I haven't been to this garden since I was a kid, I had forgotten it was there..I really like the waterfall shot.

AL said...

I have walked past this garden many times but have never ventured inside...I really should make the effort.

Jim said...

Nice. I've never visited.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Beautifully shot Ann, Aimee and I love walking around these gardens when we come over to Sydney.