Friday, 9 March 2012

Hard at Work

This is Lucy, our switch operator Ian's guide dog. Ian is blind and does a fantastic job of operating the office's swith and helping people set up and operate their phones. He can also read and respond to emails using software that reads the messages to him and is learning to use the internet, again using softwear that reads to him. Ian has great sense of humour and, on a day when he had a woman from the Blind Society helping him learn a new system, quipped as he was taking her to lunch - "the blind leading the blind".

These photos are poor quality as they were taken on the p&s and, unless she's fast asleep, Lucy won't keep still. One day I'll take the DSLR in and try and get some good shots. She's a beautiful dog.


cara said...

Great post, Ann!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Lucy is gorgeous Ann, the guide dogs do such a fantastic job. Ian looks marvelous too, you so have to admire people with disabilities that get on and live a full life, so many hurdles to overcome.