Saturday, 22 December 2012

Break, break, break

Break, break, break,
On thy cold gray stone, O Sea!
And I would that my tongue could utter
The thoughts that arise in me.

O well for the fisherman's boy,
That he shouts with his sister at play!
O well for the sailor lad,
That he sings in his boat on the bay!

And the stately ships go on
To their haven under the hill;
But O for the touch of a vanish'd hand,
And the sound of a voice that is still!

Break, break, break,
At the foot of they crags, O Sea!
But the tender grace of a day that is dead
Will never come back to me.


Julie said...

It is a tough time when one loses a parent. My thoughts are with you. I have emailed you.

Dina said...

Your father? He died? I'm so sorry, Ann. The poem and the picture say it all.
May his memory be a blessing.

Barbara/myth maker said...

Always remember that smile. My deepest sympathy to you. ((((HUGS))))

Mark said...

Oh Ann, wonderful picture and poem. My dad died a month ago after a long battle with asbestosis. Christmas is a difficult time but we have to keep going. Prayers to you and your family.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Beautiful tribute Ann, you did your Dad proud. It's one of life's hardest experiences, thinking about you take care.