Monday, 22 March 2010

No. 92

This is the art deco(?) house from which yesterday's detail was taken. It should answer your questions about yesterday's post.


Julie said...

Sure does answer them!

This is not art-deco, but Jim will be able to tell us for sure when he comes by later.

I think it is more a inner city variation on the Federation house. Judging by the top bit (?0 and the round window.

It looks like one of the more substantial houses built just after the extension of rail in 1884.

Ann said...

Ooops, did I say art deco, I meant to say art nouveau, which I think it is.

J Bar said...

Yeah, definitely not art deco. It does have art nouveau features but it's not as fancy as many of those types of buildings. It seems to have a lot of Federation Free Style features. Both of these are from the same era, so they might have borrowed from both styles.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Youth_in_Asia said...

Beautiful capture.

Sarah said...

Very nice photos.
Happu Nowruz to you, too. I hope to see you here in Iran, Ann ;)

Dina said...

Ah ha, thanks for solving yesterday's mystery.