Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Exercises in Composition (4)

Contradicting the principles - Take the ordinary, familiar and commonplace objects from your environment and stretch their visual representation. Here the aim is to make photographs that do not immediately answer the question "what is it". Concentrate on framing, positive/negative space and camera controls (think that is closest to this one, although basically I just liked the geometry). (F6.3, 1/125, 250mm, ISO 200).


Julie said...

Interesting that I prefer the mono here. The colour seems to interfer with the line/shape.

Joy said...

I like the colour version more :D

Norwich Daily Photo

Ann said...

I had the camera set to mono when I was taking all these so was looking for line, shape, form, texture etc. What I hadn't realised was that because I was shooting in RAW (thought I should give it a go) I actually got a colour image.