Thursday, 27 May 2010

Exercises in Composition (5)

Contradicting the principles - Select one subject and using a shallow depth of field vary the point of focus on that subject and take a number of pictures at these various settings. (F6.3, 1/200, 250mm, ISO 200). Not a macro lens so the focus is just a little off.


paul said...

Playing with shallow depth of field...

I adore the subtle tonal gradations on the leaf and especially on the row of prickles in the colour version. The forward pointing prickles seem pointier in colour than in mono, I think because of the visual contrast provided by the colour. The leaf in the background distracts me more in colour than in mono.

The fact that the row of spines is nowhere in sharp focus bothers me.

For an exercise in composition, the image highlights (if you pardon the pun) to me the importance of controlling the background in macro photography - could it have been *composed* in a way that has less distractions?

Still following the sequence with interest, but I wonder if you would let us in on the particular theme that is being "exercised" in each case? (Of course, it could be an exercise in provoking responses :-)

Julie said...

Interesting comment. I can see what he means, but ... you don't want to chomp off that top row of spines. How about you put the shooting data in as well.

For instance is the aperture today any different from that used yesterday. Certainly it is wide open and the focus is very narrow. Info would be good.

Ann said...

Haven't had a lot of time - mum had operation on Monday so been traipsing to and from hospital. Put these up in a hurry. Will put up more info when I can.

Peter said...

Good luck with your mum, nice shots.