Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Restoration and Reuse

Julie's post showing a converted church reminded me that I had some shots of this former church at Kogarah which has been amalgamated into the surrounding office development and used as offices and medical suites.

Interestingly, a little researched showed that the Kirk Place development is an initiative of the Presbyterian Church - 
"The unique development, which provides much needed commercial medical suites within the Kogarah CBD and includes space and facilities for a revitalised Kogarah Presbyterian Church, has breathed new life into the Kogarah streetscape.
"Including three basement carparks, five levels of 800 square metres of commercial medical suites and a ground floor and plaza level, the development on the corner of Kensington and Derby streets (opposite St George Public Hospital) takes in the heritage protected original church built in 1893 and the Soldiers’ Memorial Presbyterian Church built in 1928."


Leif Hagen said...

It's a beautiful ol' church building and beautifully restored! Better restored and reused than bulldozed!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

I agree with Leif, wouldn't mind working in an office with such beautiful windows.

Peter said...

I would not have believed it possible - great reuse - instead of healing your soul - heals your skin.

J Bar said...

Great to see this featured. I photographed this too recently and haven't got around to posting yet.

Julie said...

I like it that it was an initiative of the Presbyterian Church. Great re-use. Prefer this somehow, than just redevelopment as apartments.