Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Sydney Festival First Night (2)

People, people everywhere. It became much more crowded than this, I left before the real crush. I don't like large crowds and as the evening wore on there were more and more youngsters wandering round swigging alcohol from brown paper bags and urinating in the entry ways to office blocks.
Hyde Park early in the evening.

The Domain, almost full by early in the evening. This was the venue of a free concert by Grace Jones. I didn't stay as I'm not a fan and don't cope well in this kind of crowd.

Martin Place, where the stage for the dance companies was located.
Hyde Park again, later in the evening.


Julie said...

We started off with a wonderfully flirtatious chap called Michaelangelo in at Hyde Park (Fountain) wandered down and through Martin Place to return to Hyde Park (Palm). We were there at 7pm and left about 10:30pm. The crowds were astounding.

Ann said...

I wandered round. Saw Michaelangelo (I've seen them before in the Blue Mountains, they're terrific) then had a look at the Domain and left fairly quickly. Went to Martin Place and couldn't get any further down than Castlereagh Street, then wandered round and ended up in Queens Square standing on the base of the statue looking across at the park (could see the screens). Decided fairly early that I didn't want to get caught in the crowds so left about 10pm. I have a fear of that kind of crown, especially when I am alone. I'm quite short and get claustrophobic - and squashed.

Julie said...

Ditto re the short and claustrophobia.

That happened to me at the closing ceremony for the Olympics. I got trapped against a wall down at the Quay and then sort-of crawled through the crowd until I got part way up Pitt Street and the crowd eased. I took the train home and watched on tele ...