Monday, 12 January 2009

Sydney Festival First Night

Each January Sydney does what she does so well - put on a show. The Sydney Festival runs for 3 weeks and as well as ticketed theatre, music and dance performances, puts on several free outdoor events.

Last Saturday was Festival First Night which involved previews of the Festival's music and dance across 10 stages throughout the city and attracted hundreds of thousands of people.

All week I've been watching the construction of this structure, but what is it? Is it a stage for DJs to use, a climbing frame for dancers or something else altogether?
Its the world's larges pyrophone.


Julie said...

This was a mind-blowing construction, wasn't it? I kept hoping the trees wouldn't be set alight. They sure worked hard and when it blew its top, I jumped through the air!

The crowds were awesome ... many many more than last year. Looking forward to what you got. I gave up after a while ...

J Bar said...

It looks brilliant lit up like that at night.