Thursday, 30 April 2009

Come in Spinner

Two-up is a traditional Australian gambling game, involving a designated "Spinner" throwing two coins into the air. Players gamble on whether the coins will fall with both heads up, both tails up, or with one coin a head, and one a tail (known as 'Odds'). The only time it can be legally played in pubs and clubs is on Anzac Day, in memory of the troops who played it during World War I. Bets are laid then as the kip (the piece of wood on which the coins are balanced) is raised and the coins tossed in the air the crowd yells "Come in Spinner".


Julie said...

You know, I never knew all that. And I have never in all my years seen a TwoUp game.

Wonderful ... thank you.

J Bar said...

Good work capturing a unique bit of Australian culture Ann. Brilliant.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Joan Elizabeth said...

Your Anzac compilations are really good but I find this one even better ... an excellent capture of one of the unique things that happen on the day.

Dina said...

Great local color. Glad to learn about this. Glad you had the pub covered, Ann; good reporting! ;)

Gallimaufry said...

Ann, I've been meaning to ask you this for a while. How do you approach people if you want to photograph them? Does it not make them self-conscious, thereby stealing the moment of its spontaneity?
Most of the people shots I've taken have been from a distance, when the subjects weren't aware of what I was doing. I feel very shy of going up to them & asking them to pose. A pity, because you get to see some real characters here!