Monday, 7 December 2009

Christmas Lights (1)

On Saturday night Julie of Sydney Eye and I went and had a look at Sydney City Council's Christmas lights. Over the next few days, in no particular order, I'll bring you the Town Hall's 12 Days of Sydney Christmas (or most of them, I may have missed one).

Here's what the Council has to say about it - Each night from the 26 November, images evoking the 12 Days of Sydney Christmas will be projected onto Sydney Town Hall, transforming it into a canvas depicting a truly Australian Christmas and providing locals and visitors with a spectacular free show.

The 12 Days of Sydney Christmas projections are:
12 Wattle Blossoms
11 Flying Foxes
10 Kookaburras
9 Blue Bottles
8 Lots of Different Cultures
7 Yachts are Sailing
6 Blue Tongue Lizards
5 Plenty of Parks
4 King Parrots
3 Bottle Brushes
2 Old Echidnas
And a Pink Galah in a gum tree.

Unfortunately it seems that have trouble keeping the shot straight when I've got the camera in portrait mode on the tripod.


Julie said...

They came out tremendously well even if akimbo. The colours are superb!

I am holding mine until the 15th and then will try to intersperse the ones we collected together with others that I am collecting. That will be my countdown to Christmas Day.

I will respond to your email in just a sec.

Rambling Round said...

Lots and lot of color! Gorgeous. Looking forward to the rest.

missb@dragonflyvintage said...

how wonderful! thank you for sharing, I've never seen anything like this!

Dina said...

So unusual!
I love the Aussie lyrics.

Julian Davis said...

Great pictures of Town Hall. Great theme behind 12 Days of Sydney Christmas projections .

Great photographs!!Thank you for sharing with us Ann.

Johan Donald said...

Wow.. Excellent images..expecting more sydney images in coming posts..

Hilda said...

These are sooo cool! And I love the localization of the twelve too.

Paty said...

this is gorgeous, so creative! thank you for posting it!