Thursday, 31 December 2009

Laneways by George - Forgotten Songs

The birdcalls of some of the birds that once inhabited Angel Place, the site of this installation.


J Bar said...

I like this view and the light is perfect. I had a few attempts at it myself at different times of the day and at the end still wasn't entirely happy with it. You did well Ann.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Julie said...

Ditto ... dun well!! The colour and lighting is spot on.

This reminds me of the pianos out on Cockatoo Island.

What birds used to live around Angel Place? Not budgies and canaries, I warrant.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Ann, I haven't visited your blog for ages ... this is a great shot of a very interesting idea. Hope you have great New Years eve and a wonderful New Year.

Hilda said...

I like it! I feel like I've stepped into a fantasy story.

Wishing you a peaceful and love-filled new year.

cara said...

a gorgeous shot to end the year with! The whole idea is beautiful.

Happy New Year to you!