Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Laneways by George - Seven Metre Bar

(Richard Goodwin, Russell Lowe, Adrian McGregor)
"On current trajectories polar ice cap melts will drown Underwood Street. so do we raise the bar? At 7m above sea level this collaboration between an artist, architect/gamer and landscape architect combines the landscape of weather, an architecture of catastrophe and the technology of games." So says the blurb. One of the stranger laneway installations.


Julie said...

IF we can believe the statistics on polar cap ice melts!!

I agree, one of he stranger laneway installations, but making for a fascinating post.

Bill said...

Interesting composition, but is it safe to walk beneath?

Julie said...

Re my comment about Barcelona, it is with the France trip. I go to the information evening for the HHT trip this coming Friday evening, although I have since found two more very similar tours of Spain for much less cost as they do not include 4 and 5 star hotels!

Vicki said...

Bloody brilliant!

Have you been inside?