Thursday, 29 April 2010

The Sari

I didn't get her name, she was quite shy and bemused that anyone would want to take her photo but graciously let me do so. She, her husband and son were on their way to a birthday party.


Julie said...

What gets me, is how they can wear a sari without it falling off all the time! It is such an elegant item of cloting.

She does look abashed.

Strangers has a lasting effect, yes? Just all my shots at IronFest proved that to me. I have a better idea of what will work, and which settings produce the effect I am after.

Did I confirm 2pm Sunday. Outside the Photography place on Oxford St. Alight at the Paddo Town Hall, stop just at the RSL. Then cross over. I will wait on that corner.

J Bar said...

Ann, the parks and walkways around Botany Bay have certainly changed in recent years. I have often walked along the beach and some of the walkways through the park. In all that time I had never noticed this monument at Monterey until a couple of months ago.

Dina said...

The sari is always beautiful.
I'm glad you asked this lady for a photo.

Ann, I just linked to you in a post about bloggers meeting in real life.
Our day in Sydney was just over a year ago but it seems like a far-off previous life.
Thanks again for a great day of seeing your fair city.

Emmanuel.K.Bensah II said...

Am I the only one, Anne, commenting on how beautiful she looks--and is? What a beauty! Forget the sari...;-))

Nice shot!

valeria said...

She is so beautiful in that dress! Indian women are so elegant!