Monday, 5 July 2010

Marching Lions

The 93rd Annual Lions Clubs International Convention took place in Sydney last week. Delegates from over 100 countries took part in the Lions Clubs International Parade which is a key element of the Convention.

I knew about the parade but was surprised at how large it was. I watched for an hour but gave up at "I". Countries marched alphabetically, except for the USA which for some reason marched by state.


Jan said...

You had a good spot to see the parade!
I was at Darling Harbour with family on Friday and noticed some of them there.

J Bar said...

A bird's eye view. Good capture. It wasn't very well publicised which explains the lack of crowds watching.

Bill said...

I see Indonesia had a large contingent.

Anonymous said...

A perfect spot to enjoy the parade, see the sights, smell the smells and hear the sounds.