Tuesday, 13 May 2008

The Barracks Cats

Not many workplaces have pets. The Barracks Museum is one that does. A couple of years ago a mother kitten who had recently given birth was found in the grounds. The staff were given permission to keep the mother and two of her kittens (the third kitten was adopted). The cats live in the grounds and brighten the day of many public servants, not only Barracks' staff but those from surrounding buildings. Tourists are fascinated to see them there.

Spice, the mother.

Cinnamon, her daughter.
The other "kitten" is Nutmeg who is extremely shy and, on the rare occasions that I see her, won't let me get close enough to take photos. I'll keep trying and I'll also try and get better photos of these two. Its a fact of life that as soon as you point a camera at a cat they get up and walk towards you.


Julie said...

Yes, yes - mine do that! Walk towards me. Tres annoying.

Spice is a truly beautiful cat. I have two cats at home: Sylvie is a bit over 6 and is a fat ginger; Sellie is 2 and is a playful tabby. I got Sylvie from the RSPCA and my son found Sellie in the cab of ute on a farm.

I figured you worked over Macquarie St somewheres because of the picture of St James the other day.

I like what you have done with your blog- splitting it up like that. I want to take me Red Centre travels to a sub-blog but can't quite work out how yet.

Ann said...

Thanks, Julie, it just wasn't working the way I had it. I like the other template for travel but it wasn't working for the other photos. I'm very new at this and still trying to work out what I want this blog to be.

Kristy said...

those manky feral cats should be put down.... just kidding! like the new blog format, very dynamic

The Liberator said...

such sweet faces!

Anonymous said...

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