Sunday, 4 May 2008

Mali and the Festival Au Desert 2008

The trip report of my January 2008 trip to Mali and the Festival au Desert has now been moved to my Travel Blog.


NIGER1.COM said...

here is a documentary about river Niger it was filmed in 1951

awanekkinnan said...

YOUR BLOG IS VERY INTERESTING; mine is about north mali (in french for the moment) so i put a links to yours

Anonymous said...

interesting read and the added photos make a big difference!

Rollo Manning said...

Hello Ann I have found your story of Mali fascinating and would like to talk to you more about the place.
My interest stems from the work I am doing with Aboriginal people who know there are black people in Africa and are interested in the differences. The huge difference it seems to me is that in Africa they have no money and here we seem to give them too much.
Any thoughts on that?
Another thing is the importance to Africans for educating children - where did that drive come from because here there is very little. They all want their kids to be better educted but don't know how to make them go to school.
It would be good to talk sometimne.
I am in Darwin and you can find me through my website at or my Blog on Aboriginal Australians is at
I hope we can link up
Rollo Manning

Ann said...

Thanks all. Rollo I need to think of an intelligent response to your comments. I'll take a look at your blog and contact you shortly.

Julier said...

Interesting account of your trip. I have just come back from Central Australia. We have much in common.

Julie said...

Cant even spell my own name - bloody fingernails.

Anonymous said...

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