Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Molly's Corner

Its becoming harder and harder to find old pubs that still have character and have not been tarted up. This is one of the few that are left. The East Sydney Hotel opened in 1856,is a lovely old pub, renovated rather than restored, it has warmth and atmosphere.
It also has a darts board, pressed metal
ceiling, walls covered by old photos and posters, and a commemorative plaque above the corner seat of a former regular. A definite plus is that it has no pokies (poker machines) which is extremely rare these days.


foto-sh said...

are you now drunken..lol greetings from germany where the weather is becoming more warmer .

Julie said...

I love these little storey posts - especially the ones with a bit of the history of our city. Onya!

Ann said...

Thanks, I'm trying. Its easier now I've figured out I can research and put them up on the weekend and set them to post later on. Its difficult trying to do something different to Sally as well. She is the queen.

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