Saturday, 10 May 2008

Dawn till Dusk

Lately I've been leaving home before dawn for tai chi class. One of the few compensations for leaving home in the dark is that there have been some stunning dawns in the past week.

Even the station looks good in the dawn light. It looks like a totally different place, as a fellow commuter commented on seeing the photo - it looks like a little country station, not a boring suburban one.
As the sun sets between 5.00 pm and 5.30 pm at the moment, if I can get away from the office on time I'm also seeing sunset.


Julie said...

Nice shots, Ann. I agree that the one of the station gives it a totally different feel. I take my camera to work each day - one never knows. I am hoping to get some nice shots of foggy mornings.

Ahmed Beeh said...
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