Friday, 1 January 2010

Theme Day - Changes

This photo shows the changes that have taken place in Sydney and, in particular, my little part of it, over the past 45 years. When my family and I migrated from England as "10 pound Poms" in the early 1960s we came to a "white Australia" and an area predominantly populated by post war European migrants. In the ensuing years I've watched as the area became home to migrants from the former Yugoslavia then became what's sometimes described as a town in southen Lebanon.

Happy New Year! and may the changes you make during 2010 work out as well as they have for most migrants who came to this country seeking a fresh start and a better life.

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Joan Elizabeth said...

Ann, this is an excellent shot reflecting cultural change, your portraits are quite wonderful. Happy New Year.

Julie said...

Could not agree more! The sentiment you express is so dear to my heart and you have captured this family (?) so very well. Straddling two cultures is not as easy task.

Now, could you have taken this shot just twelve months ago? Changes indeed!

Happy New Year and may you continue to grow and prosper. I value our friendshp.

Hilda said...

And I hope they did find a better life.

I've never tried a hookah, but some are sure pretty enough to collect.

Happy New Year!

BlossomFlowerGirl said...

Many wonderful things are here now because of the different cultures. The first (and only) pizza shop in Melbourne was called "Poppa's Pizza". Other than that it ws fish'n'chips for 'take away' food. How times have changed.
Btw, I think hookah pipes are overrated - smoked one last year in Lygon Street. PRetty tame really.
Happy New Year and best wishes for 2010.
Melbourne Daily Photo

In Three Rivers, Michigan said...

thnic change, an interesting take on the change theme. The old man looks quite pleased with himself!

Happy New Year.

Three Rivers Daily Photo

Julie said...

very poignant image that evokes so much transition for a first generation family in a new country. I have smoked a hookah once to see what it was like. I tried it in Egypt. Very interesting. Happy New Year and I wish you many good photos in your future in 2010!

IamMBB said...

Cultural change! As an American, I appreciate the melting pot as change!