Sunday, 3 January 2010

Ash Street

Not part of the Laneways by George exhibition but a pleasant little lane I wasn't familiar with and stumbled across while hunting for the laneways installations.


Joan Elizabeth said...

Yes it is a nice laneway, you've captured a nice play of light on the buildings.

J Bar said...

This is the lane which occasionally hosts a small farmers' market with about ten stalls. I was lucky enough to stumble across it one day. Lots of gourmet goodies but a bit pricey.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Sally said...

A really lovely find Ann. I didn't know this one either.
Happy New Year!
Sorry for the tardy greetings - I'm on holidays! Far from the computer....

Anonymous said...

This is a
"buttery" building. The color in the light is so nice.

I am slowly getting over this cold thing. It takes forever. We got 2° F here in Ohio where I live this morning.

Julie said...

These have been lovely little laneways. While looking for the cat the other day I discovered lots of laneways in Paddo too.

I agree with Joan about the light bouncing from one side to the other. Lovely.