Thursday, 28 January 2010

Sydney Festival - The Famous Spiegeltent - interior

Sekou Keita Quintet

Spiegeltents are hand-hewn pavilions used as travelling dance halls, bars and entertainment salons since they were created in the early 20th century. There are only a handful of these unique and legendary ‘tents of mirrors' left in the world today. Built of wood, mirrors, canvas, leaded glass and detailed in velvet and brocade, each has its own personality and style.


Julie said...

You have changed your posting time!

I did not know any of this about the spiegeltent. Good posts for info.

Your photos are quite gorgeous when enlarged. I like the one of the three girls yesterday. And the one of the "stalls" (?) today except cannot get that to enlarge for me.

Posting earlier is good somehow ...

Dina said...

Nice to learn about Spiegeltents. Cool.
Party on!

Julie said...

Sad to say, I think that will be my last tennis. Not my last trip to Melbourne, just the tennis.

I could not move my head to follow the ball, my eyes simply imploded and this caused a really bad case of the wobbles (ataxia). I can watch on television, no problems. Even end on, the constant movement was too much.

Who did I see? Henin was the first match I saw and this was okay but probably set the rot going. The very next match was Roddick and I knew I was in strife the very first game he served. so much faster. I had to leave.

I came back in the evening for Andy and Rafa ... but blinkered my head and only watched one player hitting rather than follow the play.

Kinda sad really ... but at least I can recognise my limitations.

Julie said...

n between we sat in the outside arenas and watched the Woodies and Rafter and McNamara/McNamee/Masur play legends games. Good fun.

We sat at the ends and they hit slower.

J Bar said...

Fantastic shots Ann, thanks for showing the interior. A friend of mine saw the show and said she really enjoyed it. My photos today of Woolloomooloo and yesterday of Garden Island, were taken on the pathway towards Mrs Macquaries Point/Chair. I'll have a few more photos from my walk around there in the next few days.

Julian Davis said...

Its wonderful to learn more about famous Spiegeltent.. Thank you for the information with nice images..
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