Sunday, 10 January 2010

Sydney Festival - First Night - The Domain

Concert goers in the Domain listen to the Black Arm Band, a marvellous collective of indigenous and nonindigenous musicians including Ruby Hunter, Archie Roach, Stephen Pigram, Dan Sultan amongst others and, at this concert, special guest Jimmy Little. To the left are the fires of the Welcome to Country smoking ceremony. In the shot below left you can see the bats flying from the Botanical Gardens.


Julie said...

Wow! You were close! I got absolutely nothing from the Domain an have yet to look at the others that I did get. We ended up right right up the back (near the expressway) and BA did not come across very well. The venue was not appropriate was my thinking.

I thought this First Night was a let down in comparison with last year. yes, we could move around more but the pizzazz was gone. The best vibes were from Chifley Place.

My phone died yesterday arvo, so apologies for not texting you. I am off the airwaves until I negotiate a replacement!

Leif Hagen said...

Rock on! Looks like a fun time!

Johan Donald said...

Nice photos.. seems to be a fantastic night at Sydney festival.
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