Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas Lights (2)


Dina said...

I love the blue ones.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Wow, I see what Julie was saying about that tree and the vines being 3D. I wish I had seem this lot now. Your photos are terrific.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Excellent pictures of the lights Ann, and your 'Seasons greetings' made me chuckle, you certainly covered every angle and viewpoint, hilarious!

Julie said...

Yes, of course. The only thing I would prefer not to venture into the the ouija board, ghost, other-life angle. That is fine as an angle, just not my way.

However, check out what Diane Bohlen has contributed, and you will rest comfortably.

Burial sites of different countries and different CULTURES are incredibly welcome. I will go back up and reread my 'Playing Guide' to emphasise all this. I will be covering tombs and mausolea, and chapels, and landscaping myself as the weeks turn into months.

What I have read so far today has been incredibly exciting. And, I reckon, proves that lots and lots of people had cemetery shots, just with little to do with them.

Post away. I will monitor this blog all week, and respond until Friday night. It is just easier for me on a Tuesday. And besides, I called it 'Taphophile Tuesday' to begin with until I realised that by the time Honolulu gets to Tuesday, Sydney is nearly up to Thursday. So I stretched it out from Tuesday to Friday and changed the title a smidge. I think 'tragics' has a nice self-deprecating ring to it.