Monday, 12 December 2011

Lord Howe Island - Getting there and back

This is the Dash 8, the only plane that can make it in to Lord Howe's tiny airstrip, which runs the width of the island. You can see from yesterday that its not very wide. The plane has strict weight restrictions, in luggage and people (they don't fill all seats and seating is done to balance the plane), as it needs to carry enough fuel on the outwards trip to return to the mailand if it can't land - which is not unusual. Also, if the plane is heavy or the weather bad, luggage gets left on the mainland to follow later.

A word of caution - if you do visit Lord Howe, take travel insurance. One day during my stay no planes came to the island. The weather there wasn't all that bad but they couldn't take off due to bad weather on the mainland. Anyone due to leave had to stay an extra night and those coming in lost a day of their holiday. 

Nothing flying, except the birds.


Dina said...

This is really really interesting.

Your whole trip looks like a fine adventure.

Julie said...

On the day that I was supposed to return, the incoming plane had engine troubles and lay over for the night whilst a spare part came across from the mainland first thing in the morning. We went on that incoming plane. We were all taken back to Pinetrees and put up for the night by Qantas.

Peter said...

Good advice, looks a great trip, you have whetted my taste for LHI.

Jo said...

good tip.. and yes I look forward to visiting the island one day soon..

Joan Elizabeth said...

I be happy enough it my holiday was extended but not so good if it is cut short.

Nathalie said...

A most interesting post.

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