Monday, 5 December 2011

Lord Howe Island - Morning


Lord Howe Island is a heritage listed island 600 kilometres east of the Australian mainland at 31°33′S 159°05′E. This is roughly the same latitude as Port Macquarie in NSW. Lord Howe is alone in a large area of the Pacific Ocean to the north and Tasman Sea to the south. It's nearest neighbours are New Zealand to the southeast, Norfolk Island to the east and New Caledonia to the northeast.








J Bar said...

The clouds certainly hover there.

Elaine coolowl said...

Welcome back, Ann. Wonderful atmospheric photos as always :-)

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Welcome back Ann, it's good to see that the clouds eased up a little by Sunday. What a beautiful spot though!

Dina said...

Looks like you really got away. A whole island, heritage listed!
The mountain sure does attract clouds. Beautiful.

I think the strange building you asked about is an auditorium.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Nice to have you back from your break, and what a beautiful spot to disappear to.

Julie said...

I used to camp down here each evening for the drinkies, the finger food, the company and the absolutely glorious sunsets.

Rae Walter said...

Wow! looks like a fantastic place to holiday Ann. Love the photos.

Nathalie said...

What a great idea to do this series ! Best day was Sunday by the looks of it. Was it warm anyway?