Thursday, 11 June 2009

Centennial Park (5)

Cobber - my photography teacher's dog.


Julie said...

Would that all disabled people had this amount of glint in their eye.

Terrific photo, Ann. Deserves a gamut of comment ...

Anonymous said...

Oh I am so happy I didn't stop blogging and hang up my mouse. This is a beautiful photograph. I really like it. Cobber I would give you a big hug if I could. You are so nice.

I did see a three legged dog last year being taken for a walk and she was having a ball.

See: Our Flower Pot.

Dina said...

I was about to write Oh what a happy dog. Then I noticed a leg missing.
So now I appreciate it even more, that this is a happy photo of a happy dog.

Ann, you have a teacher? No wonder you have gone so artistic lately. Wow, you are serious about this!

Jilly said...

What a happy dog. I owned a three legged dog once and she got around so well - often you'd not even know she was missing a leg when you saw her running from the other side, as it were. Love his name!

Lucky you having a photography teacher.