Saturday, 20 June 2009

Vivid (6)

Lumenocity is an abstracted energy consumption map of the Sydney CBD. The colour of the lanterns making up the miniature city correlate to the amount of energy consumed, and light pollution emitted, by a particular city block.Lit by the glow of energy efficient fluorescents, Lumenocity creates a landscape that visitors can wander through, and will highlight the energy consumed on a daily basis.


Julie said...

This was in front of the CoS Library, yes? I only noticed this one out of the corner of my eye as I nipped across between the buses.

I wonder how they calculate this? Something Big-Brotherish do doubt.

Dina said...

Ooh, nice. Yours has a message. Our lighted cubes in Jerusalem were just playful.

valeria said...

Oh, beautiful! I'd like one of those here in my home!
Have a great summer, Ann and thank you for being near through the winter! ciao Valeria