Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Vivid - Melody by Sun Yu-Li

Entwine in Melody and enjoy the artist’s vision, implying the rhyme of the Sydney Harbour in Circular Quay and the music emanating from the Sydney Opera House as part of the magical precinct you are located in. This free flowing ribbon form, beams light from inside and invites you to touch, sit and walk through its perforated stainless steel sculptural frame to enjoy the ambience.

Sun Yu-li is one of Singapore’s most notable sculpture artists of the past 20 years. His celebrated 12 metre high steel work “Harmony”, created in 2001, symbolizes China-Singapore close relations and is featured on national stamps and minted coins of both countries. Sun Yu-li’s work inquires into the origin of aesthetics - putting solid form to the conscious moment.


J Bar said...

I love the glow and reflections on the ground from this piece.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

I love it Ann, the fact that you can touch it and interact with it makes it more appealing.