Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Crystallized by Andrew Daly & Katharine Fife
Come inside this cave of glittering stalactites in Crystallized, created from 4000 edge-lit acrylic, recyclable rods making a canopy, and programmed LEDs giving an ever fluctuating colourful abstraction of a starry night sky that you can wander beneath. This spatial installation takes the Vivid Sydney theme of ‘Let there be Light’ and harks back to the beginning of time before city light pollution dimmed our view of scattered stars.
Vivid Sydney 2009 People’s Choice winner Andrew Daly and design collaborator Katharine Fife are emerging installation artists and working designers based in Sydney. Fife is completing a Bachelor of Design in Architecture at the University of Sydney. Daly completed his Bachelor of Design in Architecture with Honours and Masters of Architecture with Honours and was awarded the University Medal.
(B)right on time by Tim Carr, Tim Hunt, Jo Black, Carter Leung & Mark Gilder
Hey listen for trains as this installation connects the rail movements above through clever technology, to synchronise with projected, pulsating lights. Varying intensity will indicate the trains coming and going. Listen to the sounds and feel the vibrations as (B)right on time amuses while you pass by and the light fades to black awaiting another train. Clever LED lamps use less power than the normal lighting here.
Senior Lighting Designer Tim Carr heads this team from global award winning design and engineering firm Arup. Lighting designers Tim Hunt, Jo Black and Carter Leung with architect and urban designer Mark Gilder collaborated on the work that reflects their interest in responsible environmental design.
aLf: by Victoria Bolton, Kim Nguyen Ngoc, Catherine Kuok, Guy Hanson
Wake him up! aLf: (artificial Light form) - an artificial biomorphic entity that glows when you physically interact with him. He sleeps with a subdued blue pulse when he feels alone. aLf is inspired by the symbiotic nature of the bluebottle. When awakened by your presence aLf will engage in a visual conversation with you so let him know you are there.
The aLf team consists of Kim Nguyen Ngoc, Victoria Bolton, Catherine Kuok and Guy Hanson of Woodhead architects collaborating with Steven Brims of Umow Lai, Osram, Waterman, Philips Dynalite and Powersense.
The team is interested in contextual, performative design and digital fabrication. aLf: is an experimental application for environmental responsive structures and fa├žade systems.
Immersion by Martin Bevz & Kathryn Clifton
Immersion invites you to play with the “happy tube” LED lighting, reflecting your movement through the installation via a live video relay of still and dynamic images. By night, you can be the centrepiece of the installation as you immerse yourself in a pool of bright coloured and textured light. This design is fully recyclable and uses less than 10amps of power.
Light artist Martin Bevz has been an active producer of light projects in Sydney over the past decade for events ranging from fashion parades to product launches and events. His creative concepts for public light events are always energy efficient. Light design newcomer Kathryn Clifton drew her inspiration and vision for Immersion from her current studies of primary education at Macquarie University.


Peter said...

so beautiful, love the shadow people in the last one.

J Bar said...

Good collection. I'm interested in the different ways you photographed these.

Dianne said...

What a lot of creativity has gone into these amazing displays and much thought into your captures Ann. just brilliant.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Love the first and the third best but all gorgeous coloured pictures.

bala murugan said...

My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

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