Friday, 24 June 2011


The Garrison by Steve Furzey
The Garrison Church explodes in a candy stripe of VIVID colours embracing the warmth of this grand sandstone building that was the colony’s first military church. As the colours blend from one to the next see the sandstone in a new light, as it’s never been seen before and soak up the atmosphere of this colourful historic precinct.
Steve Furzey is a Lighting Designer with Sylvania Lighting Australasia (SLA), a vertically integrated designer, manufacturer and distributor of lighting systems. With key international partners and access to leading edge lamp technologies, SLA markets a comprehensive selection of lighting fixtures for architectural, industrial/commercial, decorative and residential applications. Complementary to this extensive range of fixture products, SLA also sources unique and diverse international lighting products.
The Light Wheel by Andre Kecskes & Mark Hammer
The Light Wheel is a deceptive play on the sun as the source of light, with clever LED lamps creating a mass of moving patterns as this suspended sculpture animates itself and cycles through its colour spectrum with pulses and ripples throughout the evening. The sculpture runs entirely off one 10amp outlet using just LED technology.
Lighting designers Mark Hammer and Andre Kecskes have collaborated again after Vivid Sydney 2009. Hammer lit the Sydney Harbour Bridge for its 75th Anniversary and has been the lighting designer of the Sydney New Year’s Eve Bridge Effect since 2008. Kecskes specialises in large-scale event lighting design as well as private events such as the Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban wedding.
Touch. Do Not Please the Work of Art by Cornelia Erdmann
Leave your mark on this playful installation. The artist invites your interaction, exploring touch and its demarcations – what we can touch, who we can touch, appropriate touch and the emotional connotations of touch. This glow in the dark installation comes to life at night with stroboscope spotlights and captures you touching, looking and passing the artwork, casting your silhouettes and shadows like an instant personal graffiti. Go ahead – Touch!
German born, Hong Kong based artist Cornelia Erdmann creates site specific public artworks in Europe, US & Asia, using technology, light and mixed media. Her pieces range from interactive installations to sculptures and interventions. She has a Master's degree in architecture and an MFA in Public Art. Cornelia focuses on the interaction of space and society, creating a smile on the way.
Interactive Paint Projection by Spinifex Group
Unleash the graffiti artist within as you “spray-paint” the MCA’s southern exterior with light. This interactive technology interprets your body movements to create colourful splashes, drips and spirals that are all yours.Ask a friend to snap your handiwork as you bend, stretch or dance up a storm to create a unique canvas. It’ll probably be the biggest artistic statement of your life!
Sydney-based experiential specialists, Spinifex collaborated with projection specialists, The Electric Canvas to bring you this interactive installation.
Spinifex is one of our best. They were responsible for the iconic imagery seen at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo Opening Ceremony, the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games Opening Ceremony and again for the 2009 Beijing Olympic Games Opening Ceremony.


J Bar said...

I really like the way you've captured The Garrison lights. I've got the sky wheel today too.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Hi Ann, I just wish we had been in Sydney for the Light Festival, although between you and Jim you've made us feel like we were there, fab images. The good news is that I will just make the Sculptures by the sea, my son gets married on the 12th November, so we'll probably stay a few days longer and definitely just make the last day, and maybe we might even bump in to you there.

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