Tuesday, 15 July 2008

WYD (6)

Early morning roadblocks and the gathering hordes.


alaya said...

it looks really fun to be there :)

Ann said...

Being there, maybe. Trying to work through it, not so much.

Sally said...

I drove to work today. It was the best run I've ever had. Everyone else heeded the calls to STAY AWAY from the roads. Just chalk it up as My Little Protest.

Sally said...

But, never fear, Ann, we might get some more gratuitous advice from some bloke in a frock who (allegedly) doesn't have sex about what we women should be doing with our bodies. Just cos he's in rapture with his male Invisible Friend is no reason for him to lay off tellling women what to do!

You've gotta love that.

Julie said...

Go Sally!!! Pell really has to take the cake, doesn't he. As bad as Costello telling us to have one for the country!

My daughter walked in from Double Bay this morning and said it was murder - and that was just on the footpath.

I'm gonna try to walk from USYD to the Chauvel in Paddo after walk. At least I have my camera with me.