Wednesday, 9 July 2008


Preparations for World Youth Day (to be held in Sydney from 15 to 20 July) are now in full swing. From early last week marquees were being erected in Hyde Park, which will be closed to ordinary pedestrian access for much of WYD week. The whole event will cause a great deal of inconvenience and annoyance to many city workers, especially those in the immediate vicinity of St Mary's Cathedral, and as most of the little darlings are being housed and fed by the various Catholic dioceses, do very little for the city in terms of income. Don't think of showing your annoyance, either. Under the new regulations introduced in time for WYD, people who refuse to stop engaging in conduct that causes annoyance or inconvenience to pilgrims can be arrested and fined up to $5,500. So much for free speech.

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Sally said...

I've bought my t-shirt:

Pontifex me vexat (The pope annoys me)