Wednesday, 16 July 2008

WYD (7)

Sometimes I feel trapped.


Julie said...

Wuhoo - you gave Picasa a workout. Good result!

Why is it that this government thinks that massive fences will make us safter? Why is it that massive fences are required to keep us all heading in the direction THEY want? The baddies - whoever they be - will still wreak havoc no matter the restrictions placed upon ordinary citizens. Maybe Sydneysiders would be more well-disposed toward the event (I feel they are already well disposed toward the young folk visiting) if the fascists backed off a bit.

sofia said...

You have very good, high resolution photos! Just a brief appeal: kindly stretch your patience while the pilgrims, the young and not-so-young, are in Sydney. They won't be back in a hundred years!

Dina said...

Yeah, not so nice to be fenced out of Hyde Park.