Monday, 17 November 2008

Masonic Centre

As promised, I'll now take you on a tour of the interiors of some of the 70 buildings which were open to the public as part of Sydney Open. Sydney Open began in 1997 in response to a desire to celebrate the architecture of Sydney - old and new - and to encourage a dialogue between all those interested in the quality of our architecture and urban environment. The even opens the doors to many of the best buildings in our rapidly changing city. Sydney Open is held for one day only every two years (far too short in my opinion, it should be over two days).

Last week I showed you the exterior of, and view from, Sydney Masonic Centre and Civic Tower. Here is the interior of the Masonic Centre.
Ceiling lights in the lodge and banqueting rooms.
Main foyer. Its easy to see why they call this the "brutalist" style of architecture.
Main lodge room.


babooshka said...

It certainly is brutal. Interestingly in the top shot it looks like a snowflake design.

Gallimaufry said...

Metallic snowflakes! Fantastic!!

Julie said...

It looks like a bunker!

The lighting design makes a terrific photograph. Good capture ...

I agree about the length of the Open Day: it should be longer. But it should be over consecutive weekends. It is very challenging to synchronise all the open buildings and make sure you get to them. The most I could fit in - and remain sane - is about 12. And I did not even contemplate the Focus Buildings which cost $20 each. However, I also recognise that the administration of this day is gargantuan and it would stretch the volunteer workforce to have it longer than one day. Also, one day forces the participant to make choices. And that is what life is all about - you can have your cake OR you can eat it.