Monday, 24 November 2008

Masonic Club/Castlereagh Boutique Hotel

At the time it was built, the new South Wales Masonic Club was the tallest building in the city and was also believed to have been the first reinforced concrete construction seen in Sydney, becoming the yardstick for all other buildings built in the 1920s. The club is one of the few remaining Art Deco style office and club buildings in Sydney with many examples of original furniture. The upper floors consist of four star hotel accommodation with 83 rooms available to members and the public.

Dining Room


Features include a distinguished sandstone frontage and the original chequered marble floor, part of which are still visible in the Reagh Bar. In the 1990s the club's dining room, Cello's, was restored to its original 1920s splendour. The restoration uncovered steel plates that had been welded over the windows, presumably during World War II as a blast precaution. The boardroom, first floor lobby and second floor areas have also been restored.
Reception area

Winston watches over all.


JM said...

That's an amazing place and the perspective of the wooden stairs and red carpet is gorgeous!

Julie said...

Great stairwell shot. I looked up there and thought it would be a great image! You have chosen your red carpet well - considering some of the carpet on the other landings. This is one of my favourite Open Day buildings. So elegant and olde-worlde ...

babooshka said...

Your Masonc Club isfar more ornate than ours, which is basically a hall.
Love the stairwell shot.