Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Trades Hall

Trades Hall type buildings derive from English Guild Halls where individual trades established guilds to protect their profession. Sydney Trades Hall was opened in 1895. I remember taking tai chi classes in the building back in the 1980s. It was an old, run down building with creaky wooden floors and not much else. I had no idea it had been fully restored and redeveloped to provide modern office and retail space, including light wells and an atrium. However, it still very much keeps the flavour of the old building and celebrates the history of the trade union movement. I'm afraid I forgot to take a photo of the exterior.
The original building on the left, the new on the right, connected by a modern light well.
Display of union banners.
Old and new. The sign above the old ALP office in Trades Hall and the current office around the corner.


Dina said...

Makes you think about and appreciate all those union workers who built Australia.

Julie said...

Ah now this one I might have to toddle along for a look-see myself. I like this sort of tribute to artisans and workers over the years. Makes me feel connected ... good choice of shots, Ann.

Saretta said...

How nice that they have restored this old building. I really like the wooden sign in the first photo!

Ann said...

Saretta, that sign isn't wood, its actually painted onto the column.