Wednesday, 4 November 2009

The Race that Stops a Nation

Yesterday afternoon saw the running of the Melbourne Cup, a race which stops the nation. People lay bets, enter sweeps (my $1 sweep got me nowhere) and watch or listen to the race wherever they are. Most of these photos were taken in my office where the race was shown on a large screen in the conference room.
What won? 1st - Shocking, 2nd - Crime Scene, 3rd - Mourilyan. No idea what happened to Harris Tweed.


J Bar said...

Good way to cover the big day.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Julie said...

It is a strange sort of day, isn't it? Especially when Melbourne gets a holiday and we don't!!

But all the stuff I hear myself talking about and really a don't give a damn, m'dear.

I gather you drew Harris Tweed. I didn't but was pleased to see the trainer so chuffed that he was in tears.

Julian Davis said...

Great idea of yours for collecting the horse racing photos.

Good shots .

diane said...

We're not allowed to watch it at school any more, but I won the dollar sweep.