Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Sculpture by the Sea (9)

Step by step, inch by inch ... toward the precipcie - BAM (Brenner and Medwell). The sand shoes reflect our existence, soft worn centres hidden beneath hard exteriors. At any moment we may find ourselves at a precipice. 200 handcrafted recycled shoes, sand.


Dawn said...

Wow; that is such an interesting display.

J Bar said...

That's a great shot Ann. I really liked this one but couldn't figure out a way to photograph it. You did it brilliantly.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» wonders if any of those might fit him.

[Editor to «Louis»:
You dummy! Cows don't wear shoes. Hooves! You have hooves!

«Louis» (sigh)]

Petrus said...

Well it's certainly different .... not what you would expect to find whilst out for a casual stroll.

Steffe said...

Different it is. Second photo is excellent.