Monday, 9 November 2009

Sculpture by the Sea

Its Sculpture by the Sea again and of course its been raining on and off all week. Last Friday, however, it cleared and although humid was a good day for a walk along the coast. Much better than last year when I made the mistake of going on a sunny Sunday.

Dying for a Drink, Phill Hall - Travelling sculpture designed to raise awareness of the critical global water shortage and to stimulate positive actions and solutions. Wire mesh, recycled water bottles, glass, plywood, riot shields.


Julie said...

The riot shields give the subject teeth!

There is depth to this skull creation but I am not too keen to dig too deeply!

Sharon said...

That makes quite a statement.

J Bar said...

That's a bit freaky. I like the idea of it being made up of recycled water bottles.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

In Three Rivers, Michigan said...

This is great- the first photo is wonderful, but I also appreciate the side view! What an idea and good "street art".

Three Rivers Daily Photo