Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Sculpture by the Sea (3)

This little chap was really enjoying himself.

Foreground - A Crab in the Works, Gordon Mitchell - Transforming an everyday object into that of monumental scale. Evoking memories of losing a valuable watch at the beach or the discovery of a treasure. Aluminium, mild steel.
Background - The Dandi Lion, William Eastlake, While exploring the influence of material and its inherent structural qualities in the creation of space, we manipulate the experience and interpretation of the viewer. Bamboo, sisal rope, organic cotton.


Julie said...

I like the sculptures and I like the diversity of materials and I like the location. But the artists (or curators) could spare me the artistic pontification!! They are nearly as bad as wine labels!!

Julian Davis said...

I like the place, really a romantic touch . Great sculptural work also .