Sunday, 14 September 2008

Look Up

Sometimes if you look up instead of straight ahead, you'll see something you've never really noticed before.


Steffe said...

And what is it? I need to know :-)

Ann said...

Google tells me that its the Henry Davis York building (formerly MLC building) built in the Inter War Art Deco style.
I'm afraid I don't know what the detail itself represents.

Hilda said...

I agree with you — but I keep forgetting. :)

"Union is strength." I wonder what kind of company first built it. Sounds like it may have been a bank.

Blognote said...

You are right! We should not walk always so hastedly with our eyes down: we miss so many worthwhile details around us!!
I hope you had a relaxing sunday, Ann!

Patrick Mc said...

It was built by MLC, drawing on similar designs for their other offices in Aus and NZ: